Trio Shulamit

United by the enthusiasm for song and chamber music, Chisa Tanigaki (soprano), Shelly Ezra (clarinet) and Katharina Schlenker (piano) met in 2017 and have been performing since then as “Trio Shulamit“, on different stages in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Berlin, and at the Music Festival Donau-Oberschwaben. 

The trio puts a great emphasis on including in their concert programs masterpieces such as „The Shepherd on the Rock” by Franz Schubert, with less known repertoire, as the transcription of the soprano solo from Gustav Mahler’s 4th Symphony by the Israeli composer Arnon Zimra or five of Erich Kästner’s amusing and enjoyable aphorisms by Hermann Heiss. Furthermore, distinguished young composers have been commissioned to write especially for the trio. In 2021 the trio won the “Together into the Future” competition as part of the INTEREGG cooperation program.